When resort guests ask us the inevitable question, “how’s the fishing?” we generally have one thing to go by: the smell of the fish-cleaning house. And during the last three weeks, something truly fishy has been going on. Either resort guests are pulling out fish from Squaw Lake by the net full, or someone’s catching fish somewhere in the Northwoods and bringing them to our quaint, little cleaning shack.

I imagine it’s a combination of the two.

We’re not exactly sure of this building’s true age—it was here when we first arrived; however, it was unfinished. Our understanding is the previous owners (who had Sandy Point from 1984-1992) built it in the same chalet style as their home, using leftover materials. Over the years we’ve given it a couple paint jobs, reinforced the screens for when disc golf hole #27 is in play, and last summer, lifted it back above ground after its original cinder block foundation made it sink and have an un-level, Batman’s foe-like slant to the floor.

We have photos of the fish-cleaning house in four phases.

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