Booked Hilltop as a last minute getaway. How lucky we were to find Sandy Point had a vacancy. We were very pleasantly surprised to find such a wonderful cabin! It exceeded our expectations. Everything is so clean and in great condition. The hosts are so friendly and greeted us upon arrival. The view from Hilltop porch is spectacular. What a great vista!

The Zastrows

THANK YOU! We had a lovely week at Hilltop cabin. The course is great as always and the fishing was even better this year. We caught a BIG bass, a Northern, Crappie and sunfish, along with lots of baby perch returned to the water. Thanks for the fun times in the sun.

The Jensons

Another week has ended. Gone too fast and we had too much fun! We had a lot of rain, but made the bet of it. This is our 18th or 19th year coming to Sandy Point and it feels new each year! Great hosts and a very beautiful place. We met some very nice neighbors and they are coming next year too. Look forward to them and we'll see you next year!

The Nichols: Kirk, Sandy, Lily and Dylan

1st Year Here! It was a gift from my parents for our wedding. We are celebrating one year of marriage and our first family vacation. It's beautiful here and the perfect getaway from the city. A wonderful gift. The boys are having a blast with a friend they met here. They love the trampoline and the kayaks. My husband loves the disc golf course and I love the fishing. My parents lived on this lake for most of my 20s so it brings back lots of memories being here. Had a great time, love the owners. Thanks so much and I hope we can make it a tradition.

The Comp Family

The cold, late Spring left just before we arrived leaving us with a beautiful week at Sandy Point. We had a great time here as always. The fishing was the best ever for us--walleye, perch, crappie and a muskie. (Matt caught that one). The guys enjoyed the disc golf course too. The boys loved the new RAVE slide--lots of fun! Thanks for another great vacation and we'll be back again next year!

The Laritsons Pat, Kate, Hank & Matt

Mike/Michele – Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for holding the Team Tourney last weekend and welcoming all the disc golfers up to your beautiful land. I absolutely love coming up there over Labor day each year, and to get to come up twice this year is truly a dream come true. I am already looking forward to coming up again in September for the Northwood’s Open for another amazing weekend. Thank You for all you do for the sport!

Matthew Brock Team Fox Valley--Pin High Flyers

Thanks once again for another extremely fun week. We LOVE Sandy Point. It was our first time in the Lakeview Lodge--very nice! Great weather week. This is our 9th year and we love it here.

The Grahams, AKA "The King Family,"

Another good week in Wisconsin at Sandy Point. We enjoyed tubing, skiing, making s'mores and playing disc golf. Everything is fun up here--except going home. We hope to have as much fun next year.

The Aniballi's and the Haakes

We had a great week at Sandy Point. What a beautiful place!!! And also, lots of wonderful people. Boating, fishing, swimming, campfires, ping-pong, movies, games and hanging with the family. Nothing bettter than that. Our first year here and look toward future visits. We all love it up here.

The Winkelmans

Dear Cozzens Family, We hade a good stay. We hade fun swimming, playing pingpoing, and playing Frisbee golf. There is a movie we did not get to return on. It is on the matle.

Senicencrly, The Brodlos

Mike, We didn't want to wake you up, but we're taking off. We had a COMPLETELY FANTASTIC time. Thanks to you, Stu and Bryan for making it so. Michele and the girls had a long flight, so I'll just drop her a line when I get back to Appleton about her book. We'll be back soon!

Jonathan, Chris & Dave Iwanski, "The Three Brothers,"

Hi Mike, Just wanted to start out by saying how great of a time we had this year at Sandy Point. We always have great vacations up there, but really enjoyed spending more time on the lake, and always enjoy getting in a round of golf with you. Willow and Camille were wonderful with the kids. We can never say enough about how great your kids are. Al and Lauren loved it as well as the kids, who told us that they liked it up there better than Disneyland! Thanks again, and say Hi to Michele and the girls for us!

Dave Aniballi

M & M We all had an absolutely fabulous time last week. You were such gracious hosts and still had smiles on your faces as we departed even though you had a very hectic work day in front of you. All the chaperones made it to church the next morning sporting our disc golf t-shirts or Dream Life Designs jewelry and bragging about the week. Thanks for all you did: from providing the place to the spectacular fireworks display and everything in between.

Bob and Lisa Swift

Michele, We had a gas at the cabin. We played golf just about every day. We even bought discs so we can play at home. We look forward to coming back next year too. I'll keep in touch in the winter and see what's available. Thanks again for the great week!

Angela Spencer

Dear Mike, Michele, Willow and Camille, too: Thank you for another great week! See you next year.

The Czyzewski Family

Aloha Michele and Mike, We had a wonderful time. Thank you and see you next year.

David and Sheri Nolte

Mike, Thanks for a great time. My family had a great time.

Wayne & Cindy Layer

Mike, Michele, Willow and Camille, Thank you again. We LOVE it here! See you next year,

David, Rachel, Max & Georgia Hoyer

Hi Michele, I just finished reading your book and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. I can relate to everything you wrote about as I am a small motel owner in northern Wisconsin. I never had the help of a husband but had wonderful family support to take care of myself and my daughter. It's a wonderful way to raise a family. I didn't have the advantage of being on water but was able to be home and that was important to me. It never gets boring as we wear so many hats!!! Keep up the good work! If I am ever in your area I will stop and introduce myself. I'll make sure it isn't on a Saturday!!!

René Kurth, owner-manager

Hello Cozzens Family, What can we say? It was a GREAT week. We keep thinking of Mike's brother saying you'll be the Great Outdoors owners after 25 years. Michele will be a little old gray-haired lady still zipping around on her golf cart. Didn't get a chance to visit with Camille, but Willow is growing up to be a fine, young lady.

Mike, Brenda and Ian Engebretson

Dear Michele, Just wanted to say I bought your book last summer at the General Store in Minocqua. I read it on the way home and loved it! Everyone should read it----it will open their eyes! Now I am getting activities lined up for us to do this year in the Northwoods. We stay at The Beacons in Minocqua, our time will be from July 26th-Aug.2nd. Anyway, I wanted to read your book again before we come up, but I can't find it! I can't remember if I loaned it out to a friend and never got it back!!!! If I should find it before we leave for vacation, would you autograph it for me? I told my husband I wanted to play a round of Disc Golf. He didn't know what I was talking about! Anyway, I want to try it.

D'Ette Myers

Mike and Michele Just wanted to drop a note saying how great of a time we had at your resort. It was my first time up there and I enjoyed myself. The cabin was wonderful--the golfing--the lake--everything. We had 70° days and sun. Couldn't ask for more. Liked seeing Tom's metal art on the Hall of Fame building. He brought up a muskie too! Thanks again for the opportunity and I'm sure we'll be back.

Tom and Mary Holsten

Michele We have just finished reading your book. Put us down as "DITTO". The only insanity you have missed was not operating a Bar/Restaurant.

Andy & Marilyn, Delta Lodge

Mike and Michele, Thanks for the tournament and Sandy Point in general. It's just the greatest environment for disc golf that I've ever been around. I've played over 50 different courses and yours is in my top 3 and the overall scene/setting is clearly number 1. My 11 year old, playing the N.W.O. for the first time put it best when after the awards as we were headed down for one last look for an XS that went in the lake: Dad, this place is perfect for a tournament. Mike your skills in handling some of the knuckleheads (myself included) are truly amazing. It's inspiring to see you both succeed in literally carving out your own Shangri la and doing it your way while staying as fun, approachable, caring people. I hope to emulate some of your success in my own life and business adventures.

Jim Simpson

Dear Michele and Mike, What a great time we've had here the past five years. You've provided us such a wonderful environment for building so many happy memories. Our families have grown so close and had such fun here. Your resort is a special place and we feel lucky to have had five summers here. Thanks for all the great times.
P.S. Michele, THANKS for the beautiful earrings. I love them. P.S.S. We want to come BACK! --Emily and Rose

The Duma's & The Hebeins

Our third year at Sandy Point and we loved it again!! We enjoy coming here with family and doing family cookouts. We go tubing, disc golfing, tanning and fishing... and you are bound to see us again next year. Peace!

The Sherman Family

Mike and Michele, Thank you so much for hosting the Brkovic bachelor party. The respect the disc golf community has for your course, property and hospitality is a sign of the amazing piece of property you two maintain. The disc golf world is lucky that the two of you are here. Until the next visit, we long to hear the sounds of the wind, lake and chains. TEAM LINK LOVES SANDY POINT.

David Garb

Won a weekend here from the raffle at Summer Smackdown. Thank you Pete Hoover and Mike and Michele Cozzens! Lovely, clean, great decor, friendly service and ... a fantastic disc golf course.

Jim & Kirsten Klem

Our second year at Sandy Point and staying in the Lakeview Lodge. It was just as much fun as last year despite the colder, rainier weather. We enjoyed the kayaks, paddleboards and new RAVE. The kids had fun at the rec hall and on the playground. And our group ended the week with dinner at Mama's Supper Club again. We are looking forward to year #3 at Sandy Point.

The "young" Smith & McCauley Families

The Czyzewski's 12th Annual Sandy Point Vacation! Another great week: Fun on the beach, in the water, on the trampoline, paddle boats, kayaks and even mastered the paddleboards. And, of course, a few rounds of disc glf. Wow! Vacation is tiring! Love the new look inside Lakeview Lodge. It's so much fun watching all the grandkids grow up and enjoy new experiences at Sandy Point!

Ken and Bonnie Czyzewski

Well, another fantastic year here at Sandy Point Resort. Our 3rd year brought one of the HOTTEST weeks of the summer in Wi and we took it all in. This year we brought our family members plus extended family stayed in the Karibu cabin and made many memories. Lots of laughs at UNO and we enjoyed our new boat out on Squaw Lake. Thanks for keeping this place in great shape and we want to enjoy it for many more years!

The Letos, John, Jennifer, Jake, Nick and Abby

Hi Michele, Just read your book. It was recommended to me by my daughter who happened across your story while browsing the web. I too am a RESORT owner and, my, oh my, could I relate to your story. I could help you add to your list of FAQ’s. I can appreciate every ounce of sweat, hard work, toilet bowl swabbing, watching the red line in the beginning and moments of insanity that you have experienced. I, too, know what those moments of quiet serenity feel like. I have made some of the sweetest friends along the way. Sadly, most have passed away in the past few years and we feel like someone from our family is gone and Wildwood is not quite the same without them. Good for you and thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed it and hope to come see you someday when we take our “dream rv trip” your way!

Teresa Anderson

"This has simply got to be the nicest resort in the Northwoods."

Julie and Bill Wingate

Dear Mike and Michele It's hard to believe that it has been two weeks since leaving Sandy Point. Like eery year we really enjoyed our time with you. Your place is just wonderful for our family, your hospitality great. We sincerely want to thank you for helping us celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. The round of drinks was greatly appreciated and we really liked your suggestion of Norwood Pines. It was the perfect place to be.

Marge and Jerry Hoffman

Mike and Michele— We had a fabulous time!! It's so beautiful here at Sandy Point and we love it more and more each year. The week flew by! See you next year.

The Grahams

Mike, Michele, Willow and Camille, A note of thanks for a wonderful week of great conversation, rest and relaxation, "concierge service," renewing friendships, visiting, shopping, a great variety of Northwoods weather, girls' lunch, Ribs (at the Rib-berside) witnessing the great two-wheel debut by Camille and so much more. Our third summer visit was an enjoyable time for all. You guys are the best! It was fun to get to know your girls a bit more this year, too. You all provide a perfect setting for us to "gear down" and be a family.

Mark, Janet, Nick and Will Zylstra

Mike and Michele, Hello again, and thanks for such a wonderful fun filled weekend. This past weekend has to rank up with the best frisbee time of my days being involved in disc sports. You two have to be some of finest people that exist on this earth. I am very happy to know the both of you and now you have two more wonderful family members to to help spread the love and kindness that you give so freely. One can never have enough friends like your family. It was very nice to have been a part of the end of a great tournament series that has gone on for the past 9 years. I look foward to seeing you all again in the near future. I must say that this weekend reminded me of the wonderful times we shared in our past. May God bless you all, and continue to bring joy to your lives.

T.S. Ford, Sr.

Mike & Michele (with one L) It was such a great week at Sandy Point. Thanks for keeping the resort such a welcoming retreat for us all. You have a knack for making it right for everyone from, in our case, 11 to 51! I'm looking forward to the trip home only so I can read your book! Thanks for the great talks and "local" advice. We're looking forward to next year . . . P.S. Thanks for all the great jewelry! I know I'll enjoy wearing it and will think of you and Sandy Point when I do. And we loved what you did to the cabin!

The Zylstras, Janet, Marc, Nick & Will

Thanks again for a great time at Sandy Point. You folks run a first class organization. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet some classy people and some truly world class golfers. I love playing the match play format (even under the scrutiny of Coach Asama Ben Hansen) though my individual record wasn't what I hoped. This Tourney seems to be hitting its stride. The talent level is unbelievable. Thanks again and keep up the good work! P.S. Both my wife and my 6 year old loved the jewelry form the gift shop.

Jay Rivard

Mike, Michele, Willow and Camille, Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL week here at your lovely cabins! We were thrilled to be here. Have a great year!

The Fout Family

Mike and Michele, Thanks for a great week! The resort is wonderful and we look forward to coming back next year. Have a great year.

The Zylstras

Mike, Michele and family, Just a quick note to let you know we had a wonderful time again this year during our February visit. The skiing at Winter Park was excellent and we were very comfortable in Lakeview Lodge. Hope this finds you all well and enjoying this mild Midwestern summer.

Michele, Scott and Katie Rose Parsons

Mike and Michele, I can't even begin to thank the two of you enough for the much needed break that I got. It was great to come up there and just hang out, relax, and play golf. I loved sharing stories as well. You both are so rich in disc golf history and knowledge that I can appreciate any old or new school stories that you have. Again, I wanted to just thank you and tell you how much I appreciated it all. I am ready to have a great weekend and then start work come Monday. Thanks and let me know if there is anything I can ever do for any of you.

Terry Miller

Mike and Michele Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay. You have a beautiful resort and you are great hosts, and made us feel so welcome. It was a great time for our family to spend time together, hang out and talk. Thanks. P.S. Loved the disc golf . . . what a fun family activity.

The Westermann's

Mike and Michele, We had an incredible time and inhaled every minute of our time at your paradiso there. You know how much I enjoy your company and cherish your friendship and the setting you have created there with God's help is as soothing to the soul as I can imagine it to be. Sandy Point has replaced the Dead concerts in my life as it cleanses my soul. And the two of you are saints of circumstance more and more, each time we get to breathe the same rarefied air that exists around you. We are all very appreciative of your open arms this last weekend and are humbled and gifted to have you in our lives. Thank you again for making us feel at home, in your home. We love you guys!

Mick + Donna = Justin, Nathan and Jared

Mike and Michele, I had one of the greatest times of my life on Mon/Tues. at your place. It'll be a memory of an adventure that I'll hold for the rest of my life! I'm just glad I had the opportunity to be there to share it with you!! Thanks again!! You guys are the GREATEST!!!

Dan "Discberry" Roeglin

Mike and Michele, Last year five friends and I rented a cabin from you for a weekend of Frisbee golf and a chance to get away from it all. While we were there, we had one of the best times of our lives. The course, and the entire resort, was absolutely beautiful. So beautiful that when we got home we couldn't stop bragging about it to our friends. Now we have 10 guys that would love to have the Sandy Point experience either for the first or second time. Could you tell me when in September Lakeview Lodge is open? If it's not open in September at all, we would be happy with the first available spot that you have open for Lakeview after September.


Dear Michele and Michael Cozzens, We were upset to hear that someone stole all your rental discs. We hopeyou get them back. In the meantime, here is a box of discs to get you going a least. We hope it helps out. Your resort is one of the mostbeautiful courses in Wisconsin. We had a wonoderful time last year at the Northwoods Open and we're looking forward to another this year.Thanks again for being great hosts. Again, we hope the discs help out.

Josh Hamm & Stephanie Hoeser

Afer our 15th year at Sandy Point it is still amazing. The trees were ever plentiful on the course and we found that out very quick. Another year with friends and family in our home up North.

The Laundries

Thank you so much for the wonderful vacation! Love the beach (and the RAVE). Everything was top notch! Thanks, too, for your hospitality--great to meet you!

The Crakers

We loved our time here! Thank you very much for creating such a special place for families. There was so much to keep the kids busy and exploring! We can't wait to get more members of our family up here in the next couple years. Thanks again for EXCEPTIONAL hospitality.

The Hahn Family

Another great year at Sandy Point! We went to the Wildwood wildlife Park, Go Karting, 10th Annual Ping in the Pines Ribfest and so much more. We enjoyed the water trampoline, paddleboats, kayaks and the beautiful view of Squaw Lake. Can't Wait to Come back!

The Miskowskis, Raquel, Josh, Caleb, Lily

Our third year here and had to be one of the best. We had many family members come visit us throughout the week. We gave the whole resort and probably the whole lake a good laugh on Wednesday where we played "pit" because of all our screaming! My dad enjoyed the slide attached to the trampoline. My favorite part of the week was getting to pet and hold "little dog," aka CINCO. We look forward to coming every summer. My mom loves the peacefulness and being able to enjoy the sunrises. See you next year Sandy Point!

Amy, Scot and April Eisenschink

My entire family had a great time! Love the sandy beach and the kayaks. My grandson (age 6) said as he left, "I wish we could live here all year." Thanks for a wonderful week!

The Theiss Family

This vacation is one of the BEST my family and I have e er been on. Even our five month old basset hound puppy enjoyed our stay here at Sandy Point Resort. We enjoyed the water trampoline, rafts and my younger brother and I also enjoyed the small creek as there are many frogs to catch. We had lots of fun here. Thanks So much!

Tina, Lenny, Len, and Maryann

Sandy Point, The memories here are unforgettable. We all appreciate the opportunity you've provided for us to make it the best vacation during the year for all of us in the Hilltop and the entire J-Town/Illinois crew. THIS IS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH!

James and Jamie Bazan

Dear Sandy Point, It was another fabulous week here! We watched movies and played disc golf, swam and even found a few discs! This was our first year in the Lakeview Lodge, and it was wonderful! We're sad to go, but looking foward to another great year at Sandy Point. Thanks for Everything. P.S. Jack got her personal best for the disc golf course this week -3. Woo hoo!!

The Sramek's

Sandy Point is a beautiful place! It is so clean and has beautiful decorations. The beds are comfortable and easy to sleep on! The lake is beautiful and the launch pad on the trampoline is awesome. The paddle boat was a blast. We rented a speed boat and went tubing. It was the best part of the trip. It was sad because the days went by soooo fast. We did a bunch of fun things, though, like go-carting, Wildwood Wildlife Center, and we went for ice cream. I had a GREAT time.


Hello, We loved the cabin and had a great time.I even caught a legal size musky. Will be back next year. Stu is great and a lot of help. Can't wait!

John and Beverly Halaschak

Mike, Michele, Willow & Camille, We had an absolutely wonderful vacation at Sandy Point. It was the perfect spot for our family to unite. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place. We would love to come back!

The Misko Family

Michele, Mike, Willow and Camille, I can't tell you how lucky we were to be frantically searching online for a resort when your "cancellation" popped up on the screen! We have all had a wonderful, fun and relaxing time at Sandy Point. Everything is so clean and well kept and the entire area is just beautiful. Last night Rich and I finally got in a whole game of disc golf. (I got pretty familiar with all the woods while searching for my discs!) Mandi and Kristen were out in the paddle boat till dark taking advantage of their last evening here. We certainly hope to come back and see you all again. Thanks so much and take care!

Shelly, Rich and Mandi Rehfeldt

Michele, This is Jonathan Iwanski (one of "The Brothers" that kept stopping by last weekend. I just wanted to tell you and Mike that Chris (the fellow with the Ace on hole #1), Dave (the one ordering the Dylan disc), and I had an absolutely fabulous time at Sandy Point. Everyone was incredibly friendly (both staff and visitors), your kids were a blast, and the course was incredible. One of your stickers is proudly displayed on my car in the Fox Valley Technical College parking lot in Appleton right now, and I can't wait to come back to play your course another time. Thanks again for a fabulous time! We'll see you again soon.

Jonathan Iwanski

Hi Michele... First of all, we had a wonderful time at your resort. It is absolutely beautiful, we loved it. Secondly, do you have any weeks in July of 2006 available for the Lakeview Lodge? We want to come up next summer but were hoping we could make it a little earlier. Hope you are enjoying this Back to School time of year.

Kasey Williamson

Dear Mike and Michele, I would like to thank you, your staff and, of course, your delightful daughters, Willow and Camille for your time and hospitality during our July Chamber After Five event. The food was delicious and the Disc Golf demonstration by Waldo was fascinating. I certainly look forward to future trips to your beautiful corner of the world to try my ability at disc golf. Thanks again for sharing your home and talents with us.

Cambria Mares, Executive Director M-A-V-W Chamber of Commerce

Michele, For five days, I have been trying to compose a letter to your family, and cannot get the words down that are good enough to send to a journalist! So, I will just try to get my thoughts down in as good a way as I can. I know I speak for all of my family in thanking you for an absolutely perfect week--even including the 12 hour power failure. I have been vacationing all of my 68 years in the Lac du Flambeau area, and NEVER have generators been available for the many storms we went through--my children used to like the candlelight! The Big House is a dream--it was like living in someone's home for a week! It is so tastefully decorated--most vacation homes aren't even decorated!! I told my family that we're like the Jeffersons--"We're moving on up!" I finished reading your first book by last week-end--it was SOOOOOO interesting. I want everyone I know to read it. I'm back at work now, so haven't had a chance to start the second book--you know how things are "at the office" when you get back from vacation! Thank you again for the use of the golf cart--it made it SOOO much easier for us "gimps" to get around. God willing, we'll see you next year, and in the meantime, God bless you all.

Sandy Jacobsen

Michele and Mike, Thank you so much for the great time at Sandy Point. Really one of the best vacations. Susan thought I played a little too much golf (200 holes exactly, but I'm sure that's no where near the record. For a non-golfer, she really had fun and the kids loved Sandy Point, too). I hope you enjoy the pictures. That one of Mike and me brought back fond memories of one of the funnest doubles games I have ever had. Your two cuties, Willow and Camille, are so cute. Don't let 'em grow up. See you next year, I hope, I hope. MUCHAS GRACIAS. Fondest regards,

Jumpin' Joe Feidt

Hi Michele, Again, thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful place, home away from home, to spend our summer family vacation. As we discussed, with our growing families, we would love to have an additional cabin. We know that this means that we may have to potentially switch weeks. Because of school athletics etc, July is the only month we can swing this family vacation. SO, that said, should there be a week in July with four cabins available, please keep us in mind. As it stands now, we are all committed to our usual weeks, but keep us in mind for a potential switch if weeks in July open up that would allow us more room. I'll keep checking web site, and Jan 20 especially! Thanks Michele.

Beth Hoffman

Dear Michele, I Just wanted to write and tell you that I enjoyed reading about your dream life. I'm not an avid reader by any means, but I enjoyed the heck out of this one. My wife and I live in Sacramento with our son Jacob, who will turn one in October. I suppose I've always dreamed about owning a resort like yours, but I'm not sure if it will ever come true. Even though my wife is miserable in her job, I'm not sure she will ever go for the idea. I drop many hints to her in the form of advertisements of different resorts that are for sale, but ultimately I think she is more comfortable with the city life. My friends and I have rented a cabin at Mittlestat's Lodge on the Chippewa Flowage for the past several years. I find myself fantasizing about being in your husband's position at my own resort one of these days. I'll just have to wait and see if it ever comes true. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your book and to let you know that it is inspiring. I am a high school teacher and football coach, and would gladly trade these teeny-boppers for a life in the Northwoods!

Justin Hall

Dear Michele, Mike, Willow and Camille, We wanted to let you know that we had a great time at the resort as usual! The girls have grown up so, and they're so sweet. And Michele, your book should be a #1 Best Seller! I loved it. You guys have worked so hard and been through so much, we hope things run smoothly for awhile. Sandy Point is a wonderful place--it's more than just "a place" to so many families and thanks to you for making it that way.

Brenda, Mike and Ian Engebretson

Hello, My husband and I took over my families resort in 1993 also and have 3 small children. Your book was my life in a nutshell (minus the sheets – I send those out to City Cleaners). I loved the part about the lady in your kitchen asking about the real estate while you were finishing breast feeding. The year I had my first child is the year the "Please ring door bell" sign went up. We call people that enter the house without knocking – which I still get with the sign, but now less of them – “No knockers." I know why I quit breast feeding always in June (thank god my boys were all born in early fall). I also loved the paragraph on the "super" your husband's many jobs. I read it aloud to my husband and you could have taken out Mike's name and inserted Troy's, and it would have completely fit. The only thing you left out is all the suggestions you get on how to bail boats. I have been bailing boats for 33 years and do you honestly think all of your suggestions had not occured to me, and I have tried them......thank you......a cut-out milk jug is really the easiest way along with a good sponge. Anyway just had to tell you thank you. Now I do not have to write the story of my life – you did it so well. P.S. Loved the do you work outside the home comments.... If I could list the number of times we get asked that with 13 cabins, 12 year-round ones and 3 kids.....yes, I need another job like a hole in the head. Also, I swear the guests have no idea how much time we put into the place – all they see are the easy parts they want to see....But, yes it is a Dream Life and yes, I hope my boys all want to do this when they get older, or at least one of them.


The Williamsons have been coming to Sandy Point for 11 years and we all LOVE it! I'm 85 years old and the hill is good for the exercise. My kids and grandkinds find the cottage and lake great!

Williamson Family

Our son turned 40 this year and he planned this family reunion at the best disc golf course ever! There were 12 of us in two cabins (The Big House and Lakeview Lodge), which was perfect for all our activities. We enjoyed swimming, canoeing, kayaking and sitting in the great Adirondak chairs just staring out at the lake. Oh, of course, and great shopping! But best of all, disc golf. This is a great family vacation spot and may become our family gathering place! Thank you Mike and Michele for a perfect week.

The Brad Morton Family

What a gem you have here! We came across your website while looking for places to vacation in Minocqua and were lucky that there had been a last minute cancellation for The Big House. From the moment we pulled off the highway, we knew we were in for a treat. We just didn’t know how big that treat would be. Everything was perfect! The Big House is amazing, and we had everything we needed. The screened in porch was our favorite place to eat meals, cooking and cleaning up was easy with the beautiful view (even our 11 year-old wanted to help), and we all commented on how nice it would be if this could be our “house up north.” We loved the disc golf course even though none of us had ever played. Each trip out was an “adventure in the woods” according to our 4 year-old and the 8 year-old has found a new activity to focus on. He really got into it. The lake was everything we could have hoped for and more . . . beautiful, clear water, clean beach area, comfy chairs to relax in, boat, canoe and kayaks. We tried everything. While kayaking was my personal favorite, the kids were all about catching frogs, with the 4 year-old being the bet at it, and most willing to hold them. They spent hours doing it. We enjoyed having a fire every night, and the game room was a nice distraction on one slightly rainy day. All in all, we had an amazing few days here at SPR, and we hope to be back to our “house up north.” Thank you for maintaining this beautiful place and for allowing us to experience all of it.

The Burke Family

We have certainly enjoyed our two nights here. We were fortunate enough to be here during the fall season's peak color. GORGEOUS! The playground was fun for my 3-1/2 yr. old son and my father had a memorable 60th birthday here in the Northwoods. Since we arrived here we started talking about and planning a return visit. The cabin, the hospitality and the beauty all exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much.

The Worzallas Jeff, Mel, Christy and Evan

Good Morning Michele and Mike, Can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our family vacation for the fourth year! It just keeps getting better and better. We really appreicate ALL that Sandy Point has to offer, not to mention the fantastic weather we experienced for the week too. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for another wonderful week! We appreciate that you make Sandy Point a family memory for the Czyzewski's.

Ken and Bonnie Czyzewski

Dear Mike & Michele: Thank you for allowing our family along with Bettie & Barry Gilbert to stay at your Lakeview Lodge this last week. It was BEAUTIFUL! We all enjoyed the hominess of the cabin and the gorgeous view of the lake. Both families had a wonderful time! It was a dream come true that both families would be able to go on vacation together someday. Thank you for helping make it such a beautiful dream come true!

Bruce and Carla, Andy, Aaron and Adam Hanson

Mike and Michele, We have heard from many of our team members already and all said they had a wonderful time. How awesome the course is now with the cement tee pads and all the never ending work to keep it in ship shape. It is truly golfers paradise. Thanks for hosting. All team members were sad to hear it was the last one. Figures we just get it down to a perfect science and its over. I doubt we'll be taking them on the road anywhere else. The team invitational could NEVER be duplicated, its probably best to not even try. Like making the 2nd movie after the 1st one was so great. It just never cuts the mustard ya know and all people do is complain how it didn't even come close. You DID build it and we do COME (2x a year). Now IF you guys rethink it and change your minds. I'm pretty sure Dan and I could round up a few other team diehard bodies and come up a few days early next spring to help ya get it all set up. You did nine almost made the 10 mark. Thanks for all the memorable team invitational weekends. Enjoy your summer in the beautiful north woods.

Annette Harbeck

Hi Mike, Michele, Willow, and Camille. I just want to personally thank you for such a great vacation spot again. We all had a wonderful time playing and just hanging out around the grounds. We especially enjoyed having you all over for dinner. We did realize one problem though. We forgot to take pictures of the dinner. Oh well, there's always next year! As you can guess, I'm sure, we've already started talking about when to come up next year. Whenever it is, you are all invited to dinner with us again. Thank you again for a wonderful vacation spot.

Myk (aka. Buttercup) Deardorf

Mike & Michele, Thank you so much for letting us into your home for the team challenge this year. We had a wonderful time. Dave and Avery both loved your place and the format of the tournament. This was a first time for both of them. You guys did a great job as always and we would be very happy to be a part of the team next year too.

Todd Branch and The Winnie Crew

Hello, and I just wanted to say what a great time I had up there. Did I send you thanks already? Anyway what a place you have. I sure hope I get to come back next year. Time will tell. Also I have a player for your team: Doug Corea pdga # 304 (master)--the best player in Rochester, NY area, and two time world champ, doubles in 95 with Red Whittington, and singles in 96 at world masters overall. His match play record is quite good for the past two years in the Can/Am cup match play event. Again no one does it better than you two...what a resort, what an event, what a great time. I put it in the top two events ever and I have been to a few.

Royce Racinowski

Michele and Mike, We all had a great time this past week and want to thank you for your hospitality. Since this was our second visit to Sandy Point and the Minocqua area, it was very easy to transition to the R&R mode upon arrival. The only complaint is the week simply passes too quickly. We enjoyed meeting your other guests; the kids certainly hit if off well. What great weather for the week after the storm passed on Saturday night. Wishing you the best.

The Werley's

Mike and Michele, Thanks for another great year. You guys are terrific! And Willow and Camille, it was lots of fun playing with you!

Camille Pernini and crew

Mike, Michele, Willow and Camille, Thanks soooo much for the wonderful time had by all of us. It was a very special trip and just like the movie, "Same Time Next Year."

Laura and Dave Aniballi and family

Hi Mike and Michele We were just looking at the pictures we took on vacation and decided to send you a couple of copies. We had such a great time while we were there. The kids loved it. Steven would go back every day if he could. Jeff has been able to play a few rounds of disc golf here, but I know he really enjoyed your course. Your resort is beautiful and the lodge we stayed in was terrific. I hope we will be able to come up again next year. Thanks again for everything.

Jeff, Debbie, Steven & Matthew Kinney

Michele, I just wanted to drop you a note about my wife's and my 4 day weekend we just spent at The Marq. It was absolutely fantastic. Of course, the weather really helped. As you know, Candie had no idea where I was taking her. This is the 8th year that we have been doing this long weekend in autumn. Each year, I have picked a different place across the state. However, after this stay, I think we will be back at the Marq in the future! The setting was so peaceful. And, we were both very happy to see the cleanliness of the cabin and grounds. Of all the places we have stayed, yours is the first "real" fireplace that worked (the others either had chimneys that didn't draw correctly or had wet wood)! The Marq was perfect for us ... a chance to sit on the porch in the morning and listen to and watch the outdoors. The kitchen and family room are wonderful. The only thing we would have changed is a dish so the TV picked up at least the network stations. That would have allowed us to enjoy the Marq all day on Sunday instead of going to Minocqua to watch the Packer game! We hope you found the Marq in an acceptable condition when we checked out yesterday. No one was in the office so we left our 6 videos on the chair outside the office, and we left the key in the kitchen. The disc golf was a hit (once we started to get the hang of keeping the disc out of the brush)! We played every day. We would have liked to stay a few more days, but unfortunately this other side of our life called us back ... work and a 5th and 8th grader! We wanted to use the boats, especially the paddleboat, but we ran out of time! Spending the day Saturday in Minocqua at Beef-O-Rama and Saturday night at the Northern Lights Playhouse was a treat. We had a chance to play some conventional golf as well. Most importantly, it was a relaxing and fun 4 days. Needless to say, you can tell we just loved the stay. I hope we will be back in the future to enjoy more time in the Northwoods and your pleasant setting.

Jeff and Candie VandeLoo

Sandy Point is AMAZING! Karibu cabin is a perfect spot for a small family looking for a classic Northwoods experience. So close to the water, and the beach is awesome. Loved the fact that there are so many boats available for use. Michele is an excellent host, very accommodating. Also really loved that there is coin laundry on site!

Elisabeth Koerner

The beach here is amazing! I loved paddleboarding and finding snails and clams in the water. Big star to the Tramp Raft and the Rec Room.

The Mathie Family

Dear Michele and Mike, Your resort is just beautiful! We enjoyed every part--the cabin, the lake, the boats, the trees, etc. etc. Our family, Blair, Alane, Zalen and myself, had a wonderful vacation thanks to your thoughtfulness in making everything just perect. Hope we will come back!!

Gail Brown

This was our family's first time at Sandy Point Resort. We had a great time kayaking, boating and just relaxing looking out at the beautiful lake. The boys loved playing ping-pong in the wonderful game room. Great memories were created. We loved being able to enjoy all the paddleboats, kayaks and canoes.

The Long Family

Hilltop Cabin at Sandy Point is my Wisconsin summer home. Each year I anticipate returning to her familiar comforts. I happily revisit the metal teepee on the porch, the fish pillow, the inlaid coffee table, the worn but comforting wooden chairs and table on the porch. I look forward all year to cozy afternoons reading on the porch and late night family times around the table. Sandy Point is part of my soul--my renewal place. Already I'm excited about next summer's good times.

Sherry Nolte

Mike and Michele— It is our first time at Sandy Point. We have golfed here before, that's how we knew we wanted to return and stay for awhile. We have been so impressed with your place here. It is clean, tidy and you can tell thought has been put into everything from the beautiful disc golf course to the night lights in the rooms 🙂 We have started a tradition and hope to return again next year. Our young family has made some beautiful memories here at Sandy Point and would like to thank you for having such a great place for us to enjoy.

The Richters: Justin (hole-in-one disc golfing !!!), Anne, Asher, Amara and Monroe

We really enjoyed our couple days stay here We loved the disc golf course. It's beautiful and well kept. The lake is great too, just wish it hadn't rained. Thanks for everything, we had a great time and hope to come back.

Laurie and Scott

Every day at Sandy Point is like a day in Eden. Michele and Mike are most gracious and very likeable people. Willow and Camille are Lily's close friends! Every time we come up it's a new adventure. Wish it could be more than a week. Thank you every year!

Kirk, Sandy and Lily Nichols

HI Michele, Wanted to say thank you very much for a great week this week. Just what the doctor ordered. And thank you to Mike for letting us use your golf cart to take Mom down to the lake. We caught our first fish of the week on the last day, and consider that our collective success! Thanks again for a relaxing and wonderful week.

Lee Bacilek

Good afternoon Michele, I just wanted to write to you to let you know that when we stayed in Hilltop #2 last Thursday thru Saturday, that we had a great time. The cabin and resort grounds were beyond any expectations I may have had. The cabin was beautiful, comfortable, and truly enjoyable. Your caretaker, Stu, was very courteous, professional and helpful. I have stayed at many resorts in Northern Wisconsin, and can honestly say that yours is exceptional. I am sure that you are completely booked each summer. I would be very interested in finding an available week to rent the same or similar cabin yearly. Please let me know of any availability and or necessity of asking to be put on a waiting list.

Jeffrey D. Raymer

Michele and Mike, I just wanted to again thank you for a wonderful week at your resort. Our children will have memories for a lifetime! We already are talking about next year. Have a great summer.

Katie Griffin

Dear Mike and Michele Thank you again for giving our youth group the wonderful opportunity of going to Sandy Point for a whole week. There is not one person (adult or youth grouper) who did not have a the time of their life this past week. The kids are now pumped for future "big trips" and we cannot thank you both enough for paving that path. Have a fun summer.

Jessica and Sam Swift

Hi Michele, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and Thank You for another fantastic weekend spent at your beautiful resort, Sandy Point !! Everyone had a wonderful time, as usual. Attached is a pic of the motley crew !!! I'd also like to take the time to let you know that we'd like to come back another year (Its already become part of our family tradition) and we would do it the same as 2005 if possible. Heads up for the "Lakeview" and "Aerie" for the weekend after Labor Day weekend.

Wally Trost and the rest of the Trost Group

Hi Michele I wanted to let you know that we had a great time and we really enjoyed the beautiful cabin and the resort. We played our first disc golf ever and we all had a great time. Lauren, our one-year-old, even liked holding a disc and throwing it out of her stroller. And, apparently my husband has a knack for the game. Our older girls had a great time swimming and jet-skiing, even though we only had two days warm enough. Even though the weather was not ideal, we had a great time. There was plenty to do. Your resort was fantastic. Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you about a possible booking for next year.

Jill Wienkes

Mike and Michele, Hobey and I wanted to thank you for introducing us to disc golf. We also enjoyed seeing your lovely resort. Now that I have read Michele's book I can really appreciate all that we saw. I loved the book. It touched on many aspects of our life too, (Tucson, love of the Northwoods and owning a business.) We were so excited to tell our "disc golf" daughter that we played and loved it and what a wonderful place. It turns out she has played at your resort several times. Thank you for a new, great adventure. Loved the Coke in a bottle, too!

Carol & Hobey Vance

Dear Michele, Mike, Willow and Camille, Your kindness is more than a gift, it's a blessing. Thank you so much for helping to make my sweet 16 so "sweet." You guys have really been a blessing to know for the past decade. Every year I look forward to coming to Sandy Point and every year it is just as great. Thanks 4 everything. Always,

Alison Theobald

MM, Thank you so much for a wonderful time at disc golf heaven. I love spending time with your daughters and the northwoods. Exploring and rediscovering nature is one of the many pleasures I experience when I visit your beautiful resort. (quote me on that) I miss you and wish you all a peaceful summer.


Michele, Mike, Willow, Camille: We had a fabulous week. Thanks for the beautiful, perfect accommodations. We had a great time. What a lovely place to call home for the week.

Tom and Wendy Hartling Don and Diane Lutz Jill and Mark Sranek Nancy and Dave Graham

Hi Michele, I just got through your book and I have to say that it was such a relief to know that I am not the only one experiencing this crazy life. My husband and I inherited our place from my family. The only way to pay the property taxes and keep up with the maintenance was to get serious about renting the cabins and keeping them full in the summer. Decades of differed maintenance (read: slums) made the first 5 years very expensive and a never ending sprint of projects. Now that we have a 2 year old, I have been feeling a bit burned out.... Your book made my jaw drop at every chapter..... it is the story of MY life! You are doing as much good for resort owners as Erma Bombeck did for harassed housewives.... you make us laugh and nod our heads saying out-loud "yes, yes, yes.... that happened to me!"

Heidi Danilchik

Hello, I just finished reading "Dream Life", and I have to say that it was terrific! I'll be honest, I was not expecting much of it. I'm a senior at Bowling Green State University in BG, Ohio. One of the requirements in my public relations class was to read a book that was related to recreation and travel. I stumbled upon your book on Amazon and thought it would fit the bill. I was pleasantly surprised. In this day and age of fast food and online, well.....everything, it's nice to see that there are still down to earth people running their own business. My teenage years were spent in retail. The demands customers would make, and the rude manner in which they'd make them, never failed to amaze me. The "Jerks" chapter made me smile, simply because I have a good idea of the nonsense you have to put up with. I'll be honest though, you put up with some things I could never be so polite about. Your resort sounds amazing. I applaud the efforts you've made in making it a truly desirable location. I'm by no means the "outdoorsy type", but I sincerely hope to make it out there for a week someday. This, of course, will have to wait until I'm out of school and no longer broke ;). I just wanted to congratulate you on all you two have accomplished. While I can definitely say you are not living my dream life, I love the fact you followed your dreams and made it work!! Good luck, and have a good season!

Patrick Hespen

Hello to the Northwoods (Mike, Michele, Willow, Camille) WOW, how's that for a greeting? My name is Jeff Mitchell and I heard from Josh Hamm and a few other local (Milwaukee) disc golfers that some of the discs you loan out were stolen and that you were in need of some discs for the Ranch. I have had these discs sitting around the house since I cleaned out the bag and changed to Gateway products. I hope these help. They may be a little beat up, but most of them still have a long life ahead of them. I'll be seeing you in a little over a month when I make the hike from Milwaukee for the Northwoods Open. Thanks and again, I hope the discs help out.

Jeff Mitchell

TEAM ALLIANCE WAS HERE! We broke bread, had laughs and created new memories with a special group. Lakeview Lodge . . . from the sound of the wind through the trees, the ripples on the lake, and the clouds slowly passing by, Thank you Cozzens for sharing this piece of Earth with us. From a proud "captain" and a grateful human being.

Stevie Held, PDGA #7257

Dear Mike and Michele We absolutely loved our stay at Sandy Point. We invited three families (6 adults + 6 kids) to celebrate my twins' 11th birthday. A wonderful time was shared at your beautiful resort. The details in The Big House (Cabin 5) were just spectacular. It was the best cabin and best resort we've every stayed at! We cannot wait to come back again soon! It will be a birthday weekend to be remembered! Thanks for being fantastic hosts!

The Culp Family

This year marked the Czyzewski's 13th year at Sandy Point/Lakeview. Year #13 was far from being "unlucky," as the air and water temps were awesome for all of our vacation activities. Each year we watch the grandchilren progress, participating in all the water sports from kayaking to paddleboarding. This was our first year of finally having grandchildren old enough to enjoy a game of volleyball. A memorable time was had by all! Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven again with us.

The Czyzewski's

This year we had a lot of fun like every other year! We tie-dyed, watched movies and played a lot of games. It's sad that we have to leave and I can't wait to come back next year and swim and kayak again. Thank you for keeping Sandy Point beautiful and fun every year. Thanks for another wonderful year.

The Nichols, Lily, Dylan, Sandy and Kirk

Ode to Sandy Point: Wonderful Forest Beautiful Lake Well-appointed Cabin Extraordinary View Magnificent Course Gracious Owners Whatta’ Week! Enjoy the rest of your season and have a fun Northwoods Open.Thanks for helping make our summer vacation special.

Luke, Maggie, Liz and John Mayock,

Thank you for another fantastic week at Sandy Point. We love coming here and having family time swimming, playing and laughing. You do a great job as usual keeping this resort clean and beautiful, which brings us back. Next year we are bringing more guests to enjoy the beauty and fun with us. It's our tradition and we hope you continue to share it with us. Thanks and see you next year.

The Letos, John, Jennifer, Jake, Nick and Abby

Dear Mike, Michele & Girls, Thank you again for allowing The Czyzewski family to your Lakeview Lodge guests. We all so enjoyed our stay and appreciate your wonderful accommodations. Your resort holds a special place in our fond family memories!

The Czyzewski's

Mike and Michele, Once again we had a beautiful week at Sandy Point. It went by all too fast. We would like to reserve the same week with the same two cabins for 2009. Thanks for everything!

The Misko Family

Dear Michele, I hardly know where to start! First, thank you again for such a lovely week. You are the best, your girls are so lovely -- a highlight of Ellen's week is always playing with them, and the boys had fun when Willow jumped in and joined in the game out on the rafts. It's our favorite week of the year, and you make it so. I loved our little visit, and it was sweet to read about on your blog. I emailed the link to my best friend and "sister" Alene, who thought it was dear. And it IS a great photo of you and the girls! Again thank you for sharing your bit of paradise with us. We are thinking of you often, miss you, and send you best wishes.

Joanie Gilbert

Dear Mike and Michele, Thank you for providing such a wonderful "home away from home" for us all last week!! We all were so blessed to be able to enjoy your place. You were great hosts! Please let us know if there are any fees or other things that we did not get taken care of. Also, we would enjoy hearing what you think of "Fawlty Towers" after you get to see them again! The DiscTV video from your tournament last year was great--thanks for the extra effort to get it over to us before we left!

Barry & Bettie Gilbert, and Family and Friends

Hi Mike + Michele, I wanted to say thank you for allowing me to play for Sandy Point and opening your house to me! I really enjoyed myself. I really enjoy this tournament and am hoping to keep the work that you two started going strong. Again thank you and This fall if you need help with the Northwoods please let me know what I can do.

Mike Newhouse

Mike & Michele (M$)- I just wanted to say that once again I had the greatest time this weekend. I absolutely love coming to your place and hanging out/helping you guys out. Your daughters are two of the most beautiful and fun kids I have ever met. They mean so much to me. I have traveled a lot since I left Rhinelander and met a lot of people. But you two are the nicest and most welcoming couple I have ever met. You guys welcome me into your house and take very good care of me while I am in town. When I was in need last year heading to worlds you guys were there to pick me up. I don't know how to thank you guys for what you have done over the past couple years. Whether it be helping me out with advice or sponsoring me. Thank you.

Dane D-Money Miller

Mike, Michele, Willow, Camille, I just wanted to thank you guys for having me on the "Home Team." I had a great time up at the Resort as I always do. I appreciate everything you guys have done. Can't wait to see you guys again. Thanks.

Dane "D-Money" Miller

Dear Michele and Mike, Thank you for giving us the use of your golf cart this week. Your kindness is appreciated so much. It was another week of happy hours and now, wonderful memories. We enjoyed every inch of The Big House. What a fine addition to your creation of Sandy Point Resort. Thanks for it all.

John and Joanne McGovern

Hey you two, You had one great tourney once again. I was sad to lose, but knew it couldn't last forever. I will be there again, this tourney rates at the top of any tournaments that there are. Your place has come a long way since I was first there. You are both very special in my heart. The team is already asking which cabin we will get next year. Right now I will just dream of what a great time we all had and say thank you for hosting the best event of the year!

Pad Timmons & Team Michigan

Michele and Mike Just wanted to extend an extra thanks for putting up with us boys! We had an incredible weekend and I'm sure many of us will be back up to play the course again soon. Thanks again.

Nathan Berg

Dear Michele, Mike, Willow and Camille, Just a note to let you know I had a very restful and enjoyable week there again. Thank God for a restful and beautiful week weather-wise. The storm on Monday was a bit scary, but thank God it didn't last long. It was an experience, though. Enclosed are a few photos I took--thought you might like to have. Willow and Camille, you are both growing so fast and are very beautiful. Michele and Mike, take care, God willing, we will see you next year.

Marie Spezio

Hi Michele, I want to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves at Sandy Point last week. The cabin, the setting, being the only ones there, it was as close to perfect as is humanly possible! We tried our talents at disc golf, laughed a lot and did it again! Melinda and Mike were wonderful hosts and we even got to see one of your cabins get knocked down! I forgot to tell Melinda that we broke a drinking glass when we were cleaning up, right before we left, sorry about that. We try to go somewhere different every year so do not know if we will ever make it back there, but of the places we have been, your's is a place I would return and will recommend without hesitation. We are around people all the time and to have a few days of solitude and peacefulness was wonderful!

Debra Kelley

Our first experience at Sandy Point Resort came in 1989. We had stayed at a resort on White Sandy Lake the prior year where the grounds were run down, the cabins were filthy, and the beach was no place to let our child play. When we stayed at Sandy Point our first year (1989), we were thrilled with the cleanliness of not only the cabins, but the grounds as well. Needless to say, two children and 23 years later, we continue to come and the resort keeps getting better and better. We love to stay in Cabin #1 because it is one of the original cabins and it is rustic. The view from the cabin is wonderful as well and we love being down on the hill closer to the lake. Throughout the years, we have been to many resorts and none compare to Sandy Point. The cabins are always clean and fresh when we arrive. Should there be an issue within the cabin, boat, or resort, Mike and Michele tend to the matter immediately. Our enjoyment is their upmost concern. Mike and Michele have made so many wonderful improvements over the years that it is a pleasure to come and see what surprises await us each year. We always arrive at Sandy Point the first Saturday after the 4th of July. We have been coming up that week for the past 23 years. This year dates were July 7-14, 2012 and this year not only did we get a new stove but also four kayaks. What a blast they are! Each of the cabins have had major improvements as well as the grounds; however, the improvements have not taken away the feel and flavor of the Northwoods. We love watching all the wildlife, big and small, roam around. All part of the Northwoods experience. As our children have grown, they have brought friends with us throughout the years. When we leave, everyone agrees that we had a great time and what a great place Sandy Point is. Not many places can say this, but it is just like it's advertised, and more. We already have our reservation for next year and are looking forward to going as always. Next year may be different as our son is getting married and hopes to bring his new wife with as well as our older daughter. Maybe a new tradition has started. We can't say enough about how wonderful Sandy Point Resort is. We wouldn't keep coming if it wasn't. It's hard to find a place that has such clean cabins, grounds, boats/motors, beach, great amenities....just an all around diamond in the Northwoods!!

Steve and Sue Gorecki,
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