Twenty years ago when Mike’s brother, Jeff, learned we had closed the deal on buying Sandy Point Resort, he sent a videotape to us via Federal Express. The tape was “The Great Outdoors,” a comedy classic starring John Candy and Dan Aykroyd.

“In twenty years, the resort owners in this movie will be you two,” he wrote.

We popped in the tape, and for the first time, watched a movie that would soon become one of our annual favorites. And twenty years later, we’re not quite as gray and crinkly as the depicted characters, but we’re getting close. Meanwhile, we’ve seen “The Great Outdoors” so many times, we can quote nearly every line.

For example: “What a gas!”; “Lips and assholes;” “I see trees;” “You don’t know how local I am;” “Put a cork in it honey, I’m talkin’ business;” and, of course the line relating to today’s subject . . . “Big bear . . . big, big bear!”

LAST NIGHT, MIKE AND I were on East Squaw Lake Rd. shortly after 9PM. We were driving to town to pick up our daughter and her friend from the Lumberjack Show. Just as we approached Hwy. 70, we spotted a big bear . . . big, big bear . . . on the side of the road.

We stopped, hoping to get a better look at what was probably the biggest, blackest bear we’ve ever seen in the Northwoods; however, it quickly scurried into the brush and then deep into the woods.

Wow. I’ve always contended that the bears around here are relatively small. To me they resemble large dogs rather than a bear in Grizzly Adams or even the bald-headed bear in “The Great Outdoors.” But this one was monstrous.

And it turns out, strong. We have to believe the very same bear was the culprit who trashed our dumpster overnight. It’s a large, cast-iron container with an iron rod that normally secures the lid.

This morning we found it overturned with the iron rod dislodged and bent. Three bags of garbage were strewn about. Thank goodness it wasn’t a Saturday or Sunday, the days we fill it between guests and before the collection truck comes on Monday, or we would have had a much bigger mess.

So, handy hubby broke out his trusted tools to mend the damage caused by big, big bear and the mess was quickly cleaned up. Meanwhile, we hope this was a one-time wanderer, disappointed by the lack of booty after his Herculean efforts to overturn the dumpster . . . and that he’ll move elsewhere in search of a bigger feast.


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