Did you know Sandy Point now has laundry facilities for our guests? Two summers ago, we installed another septic system and cleared a small area just off hole #22 near the Recreation House and the playground to build a wash house. The right side is a public rest room, so all those who come to play our disc golf course have a place to wash their hands, get a drink of water and use facilities a bit more upscale than the former outhouse. The outhouse, by the way, has been moved to the course and is located near holes #17/18.

A coin-operated washer and dryer are available for guest use, along with a laundry basket and a folding table. Satellite Internet service reaches the laundry house if you’d like to check your email or Facebook while waiting for your clothes to dry. Be assured your possessions are safe if you choose to leave and return to your cabin or other resort locations.

By the way, the t-shirt collection shows off an evolution of Sandy Point designs, which will continue to grow with time.


This isn’t something widely known or advertised; however, if you read this blog, you will know about a special game unique to our Wash House facility. It’s called “Find George.” Our carpenter/neighbor, Bryan, who is responsible for much of the building on property, had a little fun when building this structure.

When you’re here and you get the chance to play . . . if you find George, we have a little prize for you, which is worth a George. Find George, then find one of the Cozzens to point out your discovery. One prize per group and please, don’t give it away 🙂

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