2015 has been a big year of changes for us here at Sandy Point Resort. For the first time in 18 years we, Michele and Mike, have stayed on property through the fall season. It has been an unseasonably warm autumn and we are grateful that nature has allowed us this transition time.

Our daughter, Camille, graduated from Sabino High School in Tucson, AZ last May and with her sister, Willow, in her third year at UW-Madison, we decided to sell our Tucson home and reside full time at Sandy Point. It was by no means an impromptu decision. We had planned to do this for several years. It’s just that we didn’t expect the time to go by so quickly. Who ever does?
With the big move behind us, we still remain mired in the task of unpacking, remodeling and redecorating, trying to make our home here both accommodating and comfortable. Life and business keep getting in the way and it’s taking a lot longer than we had hoped. But from what we remember about our first five years here in the woods as full time residents, winters are long. It’s good to have projects.

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